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Lauren Morris 

About Me
I received my design degree in 2009, however, I like to tell people that I’ve been a designer since I was 5 years old. As a young girl I knew that creating comfortable, functional, and beautiful interiors was my calling. I started by recruiting my brothers to move the furniture around the house and have it all done by the time mom got home.

My Philosophy
“ I design my spaces to embrace the characters that inhabit them. The goal is to enhance the quality and experience of life.”

About Me The Process
It’s all about simplifying the design process for the clients. Listening to their desires, needs, and unknowns. Asking the right questions. I also enjoy educating them on functionality and performance of the textiles and items they are putting in their space. It’s my passion to provide quality products within a personalized design for each that will withstand the tests of time.

Howard Lorton
“Family” is by biggest value and I treat my clients like they are a part of my family. That’s why Howard Lorton has been in business for so long. We value our clients. We also have the largest selection of high end manufactures and fabrics like no one else in the business. No matter what the project requires we can make all it happen here.

Your home is a very important investment. So is the quality of your life at home. Invest in quality. It will make all the difference in the world.

I get inspiration from everywhere. Random people I meet on the street. Beautiful gardens and great foods. The skyline of the city. Most of all the peaceful magnificent mountains that surround us. There is just something majestic about Colorado. I want to make a difference. Interior design is my way of changing peoples lives. One space at a time.