Carol Hayes

About Me

I started my interior design career in the Washington D.C. area, and owned a small design studio in Olde Town Alexandria. I’ve been in Denver and working for Howard Lorton for a decade. I love two things: people and fabrics. I got into interior design because my mom was a Fabric Queen. She loved to sew, and made bedding and curtains and clothing and everything. I literally grew up in fabric stores. At 14, she let me redecorate my bedroom and I knew what I wanted to be.

The Process

I love to listen. And that’s the key to helping a client with what they need. Our showroom is huge, and much bigger than most stores—and it’s all quality. But you won’t find it categorized by room. You’ll literally find everything for every room on every floor. That’s why it’s wise to let a designer help you find exactly what you are looking for. It’s easy to get lost in here! We can also help clients avoid little mistakes that can make a big difference, like proportion and scale, or choosing the exact right shade for walls, to complement your furnishings.

Howard Lorton

I really believe we are the Nordstrom’s of the furniture industry. No one offers better customer service than we do. We make sure every client is happy. We offer the highest quality furniture, with great warranties—but we also go above and beyond the warranties. We’re the premiere furniture store in Denver. We also provide complimentary delivery and interior design service, and why wouldn’t you use that? We’ll work with you and create a layout, make recommendations, find fabrics and design the right look for that room or space in your home.


I get a lot of my inspiration from travel, and I’ll literally go anywhere! I visit fabric stores and department stores and galleries wherever I go. I’m always full of ideas when I get back. I also love to read coffee table books by other designers. I collect those, and share them with my clients for inspiration. I also love Houzz and lifestyle magazines.


Many people who haven’t been to Howard Lorton think we’re expensive. But what you get here is affordable, and most importantly, excellent quality and value. Plus, you’re able to choose custom fabrics and finishes that make something uniquely yours.