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Beth O'Neill 

About Me
Inspired by my residencies on mainline Philadelphia, Boulder Colorado and majestic Castle Pines Village, I specialize in sophisticated interior design. Colorado has been my home for 30 years. I have raised three amazing children while finding the time to acquire the vast knowledge to keep up with the ever- changing design trends.  Beginning sixteen years ago, my work has been acclaimed by both local interior design centers and markets. Use of natural landscapes in design, results in luxurious projects that are both impactful and refreshing. With a keen eye for detail, my completed method leaves clients with a warm and welcoming space. I specialize in finding the best combination of craftmanship, style and uniqueness for each client while most importantly having fun creating clients’ special ambiance.

My Process
My number one rule when working with clients is: When we are finished the space needs to feel comfortable and express your personality. This is achieved by listening intently to the client and asking several questions to make sure we are communicating well. I try to pull as much detail as I can from what the individual is thinking. All the best design achievements stem from a collaborative process. There is no project too small or too large. I have handled custom homes to small apartments. Everyone deserves a special space to call home.

My Passion
I wear my passion on my sleeve: which is design. Nothing pleases me more than to see the smile on my clients’ face when we find the perfect items for their home. Challenges with repurposing existing items help create a warm environment and make a home “yours.”

When I’m not working on projects, I try to keep up with my children playing golf or skiing. Due to recently being married, we try to find free time to explore Colorado’s vast playground of fun.

Howard Lorton
Wow! This is an exceptional store with an exceptional family running a premiere furniture and accessory location in Colorado. I am so happy to share this enormous showroom of product with my clients. It will only enhance the ability to make your house a breathtaking home.  

Simply- have fun and communicate. Let me do the leg work to make your home special.