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Bobbie Sue Sazama

About Me

I am an artist who works in oils, and I believe I approach each design project with the eyes of an artist. I once owned a floral business that specialized in European imports, and then started designing commercial interiors and retail display. I’ve been in interior design for years now and have had the privilege of working for Homestead House in Denver, and Robb & Stucky in Phoenix and many successful projects in Denver, Scottsdale, Mission Beach, Flagstaff, Brighton, and Conifer to name a few, I am honored to have been a Designer with Howard Lorton for many years. Bill Cook, the owner of HL, is an expert in quality and style and it’s a pleasure to be a part of his team.

The Process

I am a personality designer. I like to work with a person’s personality, and help them create a setting that makes them emotionally comfortable and happy. I enjoy my clients’ unique tastes and lifestyle, and design their home to reflect that look and feel. I often visit a client’s home, which makes it easier to discover what they love. I know some clients think they have to clean before I come over. They don’t! I don’t see dust. I see design and composition. It helps to see the things they collect and the artwork they love. Your space should reflect your uniqueness. As you go along in life, your life changes. We’re always in a state of becoming. I can help people improve their environment to suit them as they evolve.


My inspiration is Mother Nature. It always reminds me of beauty that we have at our fingertips. , I feel like I am in tune with something greater than myself. I study constantly, pouring over design books, art books—everything I can get my hands on. I’m also inspired by the other designers here at Howard Lorton. We’re a consortium of talent and abilities, and we support and applaud each other.


When you buy quality, you’ll be proud to own it for the long haul. The craftsmanship and fabrics will stand up over time. Buying quality actually saves money, and fine furniture is not as expensive as some people think—especially when we offer complimentary design services and delivery—whether you live in Cherry Hill Village, Evergreen, Stapleton or even Wyoming.

Howard Lorton

What I like best about Howard Lorton is that you can buy
without regrets. It’s all about customer relationships. We provide complimentary delivery and design services. We carry only fine, handcrafted furniture and unique items you can’t find anywhere else. Even the showroom is stunning. The architecture is a marvel. You have to see it for yourself. It’s the largest showroom around, and I love to help my clients achieve their goals.