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Christine Weirich

About Me

I got my degree in Fashion Merchandising, and have been in design ever since—in retail display, bridal and interior design. I’ve been with Howard Lorton for more than a decade. I consider myself a “people person” and especially enjoy helping clients find that unique statement they want their home to make.

Howard Lorton

There is a trend among retailers to provide you with cookie cutter design. It is so much sameness, with bland color palettes and accessories that are mass-produced. At Howard Lorton, we have so much on the floor, and all of it is unique. We literally have thousands and thousands of fabrics to choose from. And the showroom is enormous. That’s why it’s helpful to have a designer guide you through it. We can help you find the pieces that are uniquely you, whether they’re on the floor or a custom order. You just don’t have to settle for anything less than special.


I love all design, but I spend eight months each year in our Patio Store. I love to help people create the perfect outdoor living environment. Again, you can buy pre-packaged sets at a lot of stores, but that’s very limiting if you have a large outdoor living area. You want everything to flow together, from poolside to the fire pit and lounge areas. And we only carry patio furniture lines that are beautifully crafted, comfortable and made to last. And our custom fabrics can help you make a real statement.


It’s everywhere. What I really love is to get to know my clients, and find out what it is they love. What are their hobbies? Their favorite rooms? Why? Then I can let my creative juices flow.

Good to Know

I ask a lot of questions, so I can understand how the furniture is going to be used, and how often. What is the exposure to the elements? How are they going to spend their time on the patio? Relaxing? Playing with children? Entertaining? This information can help me help them get to the ah-ha moment—when they can really “see” what outdoor living can be. Whether my clients live in Cherry Hills, Vail, Denver or Snowmass, I can help design the outdoor space they will love.