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Jana Cole

About Me

I have a degree in interior design from Kansas State University and more than 25 years’ experience as a designer. I also spent many years in buying and merchandising, so I know the home furnishings industry inside and out. I’ve worked with clients from Hawaii and California, to Colorado and Connecticut.

The Process

I love to get to know my clients, because I design for the lifestyle of the person. Of course, people want something beautiful; that resonates with them. But it also has to be functional and fit their lifestyle. It needs to be livable. It also helps for me to make a home visit, so I can see the architecture and make sure that the designs I present are compatible. I want to provide my clients with an environment that is uniquely them.


Fabrics! They really excite me. Howard Lorton has thousands and thousands of the most beautiful fabrics to
choose from, so you can create a piece that is uniquely you. We don’t believe in bland, cookie cutter looks that are mass merchandised. Howard Lorton is really about quality and one-of-a-kind pieces that can make a statement in your home. Whether you like the Tuscan look, Traditional, Mid Century Modern or Colorado Ranch, I can help you create an environment that fits your likes, your passions and your lifestyle perfectly.

Howard Lorton

We offer fine furniture at an affordable price, and a lot of people don’t understand that. There is a misperception that we are too expensive. What we sell is made so well, that it will last a lifetime, and beyond. You won’t have to replace your sofa in a year or two because the cushions have lost their shape. There’s nothing here I am ashamed to sell. And our service is exceptional. We take care of our clients. We make sure they are happy or we make it right. That’s why so much of our clientele is repeat business. They know we stand behind what we sell, and provide a high level of service that is hard to find.


Buy high quality, and it will last you a lifetime.