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Liz Brown

About Me

I’ve been in the interior design field for more than 20 years, and spent 10 years designing model homes for one of the top 10 homebuilders in the country. I also owned my own interior design business for seven years. I have a degree in Textiles and Clothing Fashion Design from Colorado State University and Fashion Design from the Paris Fashion institute in Paris, France.

The Process

I like to work with people, and I love my clients. It all starts with a lot of questions. What are they looking for? How will it be used? What do they like and dislike about their existing furniture? How soon do they need the furniture? I love it if they can share photos of their home, and things they have seen that they like. It’s also great for me to do a home visit, so I can really get a sense of them and the project. Many people think they have to pay for that kind of service, but it’s complimentary at Howard Lorton. I work a lot with people who want to create an outdoor living space.

Howard Lorton

The owners of Howard Lorton are respected in the community. They are so fair and honest, and they bend over backward to make the customer happy. Many of our clients have shopped here for more than 30 years! We only carry the highest quality furniture from the top manufacturers, even in our Patio Store—which is amazing, by the way. We have incredible outdoor fabrics that look like indoor fabrics. They’re beautiful and durable, and give you the opportunity to have an outdoor space that is totally unique. The high quality construction of our outdoor furniture will perform beautifully in Colorado weather, unlike many on the market. And our selection enables clients to furnish large outdoor spaces with every piece they need—dining, lounging, fire pits and intimate or expansive seating arrangements.


I devour trade publications, lifestyle magazines like House & Home, Houzz, HGTV and Pinterest.


I love fabrics, and we have thousands and thousands here.—more than any other store, bar none. It’s one of the primary ways to make a unique statement in a home—to make it different than anyone else. One of my clients literally has 65 different fabrics in her home. It’s hard to do, but I love it.


Sophie, my cocker spaniel and Valentine, my adorable ragdoll cat.