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Mark Adkins

About Me

I’ve had the unique opportunity to work in almost every aspect of the industry. I worked as a designer for several years before accepting a position as a manager of a to-the-trade showroom and was also a manufacturer’s representative. After a while I returned to interior designer. I feel I am very well versed in all aspects of the design trade, which can be a real asset to clients. I love to create an ideal living environment that compliments my clients’ lifestyles.

The Process

First, there is a discovery process, where I learn as much as I can about my clients. What do they enjoy? What are their hobbies and interests? I ask a lot of questions, but most importantly, I listen. I often find that what they think they want isn’t always what they really want. It’s my job and privilege to be able to help them create an environment that truly is satisfying and unique. Actually, very few of my clients spend time here in the store. They trust me to put together options for them to consider, from fabrics and furniture, to one-of-a-kind accessories and lighting.

Design Philosophy

A home should be a relaxing, comfortable environment that reflects you and your interests. Your personal possessions, your art, the treasures you find when you travel—these are the things that truly make a home. I have a lot of repeat business, and in many cases have designed for multiple homes for clients.


Magazines and travel are my sources of inspiration—especially Europe. It’s all about the culture, the beauty, the food. It’s so civilized. I love Venice, Paris, anywhere along the Mediterranean…Costa del Sol, Cote d’Azur…


I appreciate exceedingly fine fabrics. Since my clients tend to prefer something out of the norm, my love of fabrics makes it easy to provide them with something no one else has.

Howard Lorton

Because we have such an eclectic mix, you find things here that you won’t find anywhere else. Denver is saturated with chain stores, and the unique can be hard to find. But not here.
Because our showroom is so enormous, immediate gratification can always be had here. But if we don’t have exactly what you want on the floor, we can get it. And delivery is always complimentary. Whether you live in Aspen or Greely, Greenwood Village or Evergreen, I am happy to come to you.

Favorite Restaurant

Fruition. It’s in my neighborhood and it’s terrific.