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Nedra Corrigan

About Me

As a young girl, I used to rearrange my mom’s furniture.  I loved making things look pretty.  At the time, I didn’t realize that there was a career for that, so I went into graphic design.  After a decade, I found myself drawn to home furnishings and interior design.  I love beauty, and love to incorporate it in to every aspect of life.  I’ve been doing interior design for a long time now, and really enjoy helping my clients bring beauty and functionality into their surroundings. 

The Process              

I always start out by asking lots of questions.  What are they looking for? How long have they been looking? What style do they like? If they have photos, great.  If not, I always like to do a complimentary home visit, so I see what they like and how they live. I travel to Vail, Aspen, Colorado Springs…wherever. I can soak up a lot. It’s helps me make sure that what I present to them will be right the first time. I love to capture my clients’ uniqueness.

Howard Lorton

When clients come to the showroom, many feel like they are kids in a candy store. They can’t believe how many options there are. How many floors of fabulous furnishings there are. There are hidden treasures everywhere! I’m here to help them navigate through all the wonderful choices, the thousands of fabrics, so we can create a fabulous space for them. We’re family owned, and that’s still something that has value.  We do a lot of things the big chains don’t.  We make sure the customer is satisfied. We also provide free delivery—no matter how much you buy, or where it’s going. No one does that.  The truth is, our clients get spoiled by our service, and they keep coming back.       


Quality and beauty are two very important things.  If you’re using an item every day, that’s when a quality piece will end up saving in the future.  There’s something to be said about craftsmanship and style.  I have clients who look here, and then buy from homogenous stores because they can get it delivered tomorrow.  Then, after a year, they’re back in here because it hasn’t stood up to the wear and tear of everyday life.


I find inspiration everywhere. When you go through life, you absorb things.  And the more you get out of your comfort zone, the better.  So I read magazines, I look at websites, I pay attention to what’s around me. But most of all, I listen to my clients and what inspires them. I’m passionate about helping my clients create functional, livable spaces they love.