Rima Strait

RimaStraigt.jpgAbout Me
Worldwide travel has provided me with the experience to develop a unique perspective and approach to creating a diversified living environment. My upbringing has had a substantial influence on my eye for design and color.

The Process
I am a careful listener and have been successful developing a client base. My personality and demeanor have earned abundant referrals, which results from paying attention to the wants and needs of my clients. Our showroom is vast and, therefore, my knowledge of our inventory and color coordination streamlines this process.

Howard Lorton
I am thrilled and excited to have been chosen to join this seasoned, family-owned business! I truly believe this company offers unparalleled service. Unlike the uniformity you may find amongst other furniture retailers, Howard Lorton Furniture & Design features one-of-a-kind options, which you will not find anywhere else. Howard Lorton is the most time-tested name in the Denver design community for a reason.

Design Philosophy
I specialize in traditional interior design, but love all types of design, including modern and transitional. My greatest joy is assisting my clients create their unique style for their home or office.

My inspiration comes from my upbringing with extensive travels to Europe, visiting world-renown museums, and living in beautifully decorated homes. I enjoy reading interior design magazines, as well.

My passion is my son, Savan! He’s the best kid in the world. I love to ski, entertain and socialize with my friends.