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Susie Dohman

About Me

I’ve been an interior designer for more than 30 years, and have worked with some of the most prestigious design centers in the country.  I love working at Howard Lorton, because we only carry the finest furniture lines, the most magnificent fabrics and very unusual and unique accessories you won’t find anywhere else. I enjoy helping my clients express their true selves in their home environment, from helping them find the exact shade of paint to complement their furnishings, to spotlighting their favorite art or treasures, to finding the perfect chair for relaxing.

Design Philosophy

It’s all about my clients.  What are their dreams and visions? What can I do to help them get there? A home should be the place where you feel safe and content.  When you shut the door, it should be your world.  It should be beautiful, from the shade of paint on the wall, to your favorite treasure you found on vacation, to a family heirloom that deserves a special place in your home.

More Than Design

Most people don’t realize we also have a fabulous custom upholsterer and refinishing team, right here.  So not only can we provide our clients with high quality, hand crafted furniture that’s new, but we can also take a client’s existing pieces and update the finish or the fabric, so it has continued life in their environment.  Unlike other furniture stores, Howard Lorton provides free delivery and complimentary design services, which adds significant value. We are committed to taking care of the customer every step of the way.

Howard Lorton

The building and architecture here is so dramatic. It’s part of the fun of the shopping experience we offer.  We have floors and floors of fabulous furniture you can sit on and touch and experience. Sometimes my clients find the perfect piece they are looking for here in the showroom. Other times, they love the piece of furniture but want a fabric that suits their tastes more, so it’s a custom order.  When it arrives, it’s always worth the wait, because they have something that no one else has.  Six or eight weeks isn’t that long to get a piece that is beautiful, well crafted, unique and will last for a long, long time. I also love working here because it’s family owned, and our owner is so honorable and ethical. He really believes in providing great service and keeping our customers satisfied.  It’s no wonder we have so much repeat business here.


My grand dog! I am crazy about Mackey, the sweetest labra doodle ever.